Whether your ordering a chair, or looking for our expertise in space planning and ergonomics, the process always begins with a meeting to discuss requirements to assist us with identifying the needs of each client specifically. 

Site Meeting


Once we have determined the project scope we move to the site meeting. We can always work off architectural  drawings (AutoCAD), or even PDF files, but we as a rule like to see the site, that way we can address any potential suggestions for a smooth installation.

Detailed Drawings


We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we provide the best quality drawings to our clients. Some can be done in house, others we send out depending on the project scope and complexity. We offer full 2-D and 3-D drawings along with full color rendered drawings to help our clients visualize the concept we are proposing.

Specifications & Order Entry


Once we have the drawings finalized we provide a complete quote, which is detailed line by line to show each component. It helps ensure order accuracy before sending it off to the factory.

Professional Installation


Now that your order is ready to go, we setup a installation schedule with you. Using some of the best installers in the industry, we ensure that everything is professionally installed. The setup is done in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to make certain any future warranty claims are a breeze. 

Post Installation Site Review


Once the install has been completed, we like to conduct with you a post installation walk through. This allows us to do a few things. First identify is there is any deficiencies to the product, as well it serves as an opportunity to go over key features of the furniture. Whether it is showing the features of a chair, to how a table can be adjusted, it helps transition into you new space easily.